POLICY CHANGE:   Effective 10/23/15, you no longer need to confirm your booking!
Your booking is confirmed right away and an email is sent to you confirming your time(s).

Use Policies

  • Rooms are only available to those who have appointments as UCSF faculty.
  • There is a maximum of 7 online reservations allowed per calendar month.
  • Additional reservations are available in person, if carrels are available.  You may call the Service Desk at (415) 476-2336 to check if there are available rooms available on a walk-in basis.


  1. Use the calendar below to select a reservation date.
  2. Select available room.
  3. Scroll down and read the policies at the bottom.
  4. Click 'continue' to agree and proceed.
  5. Fill out your information, then click 'submit my booking'.
  6. Your booking is confirmed right away and you will receive an email confirming your time(s).
  7. Come to the Service Desk on your day of reservation, and present a valid UCSF faculty ID to obtain your room card.

NOTE:  You must reserve and confirm each date individually. The system does not allow multiple reservations at one time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Need assistance?

  • Please come by the Parnassus Library 3rd floor Service Desk, or contact us at (415) 476-2336.