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The UCSC Genome Browser integrates information from a wide variety of genomic resources, including gene predictions; disease associations from resources such as HGMD, OMIM and locus-specific databases; gene-expression data; copy-number variation; comparative genomics; SNPs; HapMap data; microarray mappings; and histone- and DNA- modification data.

Having all these resources in one place and juxtaposed against your own sequencing or other data is a powerful way to explore the genome.

The Browser has many features that are not obvious to the casual user. This workshop will show how to become comfortable navigating the genome, finding data resources, adding your own tracks, and sharing data using custom sessions. The Variant Annotation Integrator will be used to interpret sequence variants.

Participants should bring laptops and questions.

Instructor: Robert Kuhn, PhD, Associate Director, UCSC Genome Browser

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Data Science Initiative
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