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There is a wealth of publicly available genomic data out there in the form of microarray and RNA-Seq datasets. Do you know how to find it? How to take advantage of it to identify genes associated with phenotypes and diseases of interest? Reanalyze it to help validate your own novel discoveries?

This 90-minute class will introduce you to the rapidly changing landscape of genomic data repositories (e.g. GEO, ArrayExpress, TCGA, etc.), and software tools that enable analysis of publicly available genomic data.

We will finish with a public gene expression reanalysis use case that shows you how to:

  • Search the Gene Expression Omnibus for datasets of interest 
  • Identify free tools to analyze raw data and generate a list of differentially expressed genes
  • Use analysis tools to interpret that gene list in a biological context
Thursday, January 7, 2016
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Data Science Initiative, Data Sharing and Data Management, Resources & Tools
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