Room Use Policies

  • Available to UCSF staff, faculty and students
  • The room maybe reserved for 1 hour per day, up to 3 months in advance
  • Access is granted and tracked by swiping your UCSF ID card
  • If you are unable to access this room you may send access requests to the Library.
  • Amplification and electrical instruments are prohibited

Room Features

  • Upright Piano
  • Bench
  • Music Stand


530 Parnassus Avenue, UCSF Library, CL206,

The music rooms at Parnassus are maintained by Campus Life Services Arts & Events. Cosponsored by The UCSF Library, Millberry Fitness Center and Classroom Support. 

For more information or to reserve a piano for an event please call the main Arts & Events line at 476-2675.