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Arduino Kit #1

Arduino Kit #1 Model Arduino Uno Rev3


The Makers Lab is open by appointment for UCSF teaching, learning, and research projects. Contact the Makers Lab to schedule an appointment. We continue to offer the 3D printing curbside service. The Makers Lab is located in the UCSF Parnassus Library, room 345. Look for us on the main floor of the Library near Caffe Central and the Living Room.

Arduino Kit

  • Programmable micro-controller
  • Kit comes with enough components to get you started making your own Arduino projects
  • Arduino kits can be checked out for two weeks

Read more about the Arduino kits in the Help Center.

Help Docs

Kit Contents

  • 1X Arduino Uno R3
  • 1X Arduino & Breadboard Holder
  • 1X Bread Board
  • 1X Shift Register
  • 2X 2N3904Transistors
  • 2X 1N4148 Diodes
  • 1X DC Motor with wires
  • 1X Small Servo
  • 1X 5V Relay
  • 1X TMP36 Temp Sensor
  • 1X 6' USB Cable
  • 65X Jumper Wires
  • 1X Photocell
  • 1X Tri-color LED
  • 10X Red LED
  • 10X Blue LED
  • 1X 10K Trimpot
  • 1X Piezo Buzzer
  • 2X Big 12mm Buttons
  • 45X 330 Resistors
  • 45X 10K Resistors

See instruction manual for step-by-step instructions for using the Arduino Starter Kit.

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