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Canon Vixia Camera #1

Canon Vixia Camera #1 Model VIXIA HF M500

Info: Digital video camera with touch panel LCD. Records in AVCHD or MP4 format. Kit includes memory card, extra battery, shotgun microphone. A tripod is also included (no need to reserve a tripod separately). Full specs and user manual available on Canon website.

Pairs with: Azden wireless mics.

Maximum loan: 4 days.

Restrictions: Only one camera is allowed per person, per reservation.

Note: The equipment for loan service is currently suspended until further notice, as part of the Library's efforts to follow UCSF guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Quick tips:

  • Recording Standard: Press the Home button and select Recording Standard (a.k.a. file type) from the touch panel, then select either AVCHD or MP4. AVCHD is the default, and produces the highest quality video, but requires editing software for viewing and sharing. MP4 mode is compressed, and produces files that are immediately viewable and shareable, but recording time is limited to 30 minutes. We recommend MP4 mode for new users.

  • Headphones: If you are using headphones to monitor your audio while recording, you must change the audio output setting. Home button > (wrench icon) > Audio Output > Headphones

  • Remote: If you are using the wireless remote control, you must turn this feature on in the camera. Home button > Other Settings > (wrench icon) > Wireless remote > On

Magnus VT 100 Tripod Contents of Canon Vixia camera kit The following items are included in the kit. A Tech Commons staff member will help you verify the contents of the kit during check out and return. Lost or damaged items must be replaced by the user.


  1. Canon Vixia camera
  2. 64GB SD card (in camera)
  3. Canon batteries (x2)
  4. Battery charger
  5. Power adapter
  6. USB cable
  7. HDMI display cable
  8. USB SD card reader
  9. Canon shotgun mic
  10. Pearstone shoe adapter
  11. Cleaning spray and cloth
  12. User guide
  13. Canon remote control
  14. Laminated info cards
  15. Carrying bag
  16. Magnus VT 100 tripod and bag


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