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Lange Room (Lange Room: 5th Floor, Kalmanovitz Library) Capacity: 60

Lange Room


View a 360 degree tour of the Lange Room online!

Note: The Lange Room must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.


  • The rental cost for the room is $300.00 per day/per event.
  • Additional costs may apply for furniture setup and catering.


  • The Lange Room is only reservable by UCSF departments and staff.
  • The UCSF Library reserves the right to deny or cancel any reservation that conflicts with UCSF Library activities.
  • Although you may request a hold for a particular date, your reservation is not valid unti you are notified via email that your reservation has been approved. (Do not advertise your event, or make other commitments for the date without final approval).
  • Access to the building is not permitted until the Parnassus Library opens at 7:30AM (M-F).
  • Note that the library closes at 6:00PM and there is no entry to the building after this time. If confirming a reservation up to or past 6:00PM, you’ll need to staff your event to ensure all attendees exit the building and the front doors are secure upon your departure. Staffing your event to accommodate a 6:00PM or later end time includes providing someone at your event that would make sure all attendees exited the building and the front doors are  securely closed behind them without allowing others to inadvertently enter.

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5th Floor, Kalmanovitz Library at Parnassus

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